Upload ArcView (.shp) / MapInfo (.tab) files to our server
    File 1: (.shp or .tab)
    File 2: (.dbf or .dat)
    File 3: (.shx or .map)
    File 4: (.prj or .id)
    Zip File:   (.zip)
Issues uploading? These five conditions should be met:
    1.  The file is projected into Geographic (Lat/Long) WGS 84
    2.  The file name contains no space characters.
    3.  The file should contain a single polygon.
    4.  The file size is less than 5MB.
    5.  The upload can only accept polygons containing less than 24,14,016 square kilometers
        (15,00,000 square miles). For areas larger than this or any other issues,
         please contact the Sales Team at info@mapmart.com..